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El Tiempo Madrid / Barajas
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Even before the attack in Algeria, security experts had warned that the multinational intervention in Mali could provoke a jihadist backlash against France and the West, and African allies. The conflict in Mali also raised concerns across mostly Muslim West Africa of a radicalization of Islam in the region. Many inhabitants of northern Mali have welcomed the French attacks against Islamists who have imposed a harsh form of sharia law, cutting off hands and feet for crimes, and destroyed the ancient city of Timbuktu's famed shrines. But Santos rejected the idea. "It's very possible that we could find a way to seek popular approval for any accord," Santos said during an address in the Norte louis vuitton shop de Santander province. "That's still to be discussed. But I want it to be very clear that we will not end these agreements with a national assembly." Santos has ruled out discussing major change

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